What is a CFP?
CFP stands for “Call for Papers” and is an invitation to submit research to present at a conference. Often, this means you will be presenting information from a paper you have already written or are in the process of writing. Whether or not you have completed a paper on your research, we ask that you summarize it in an abstract for review. Check out our CFP for more detailed requirements.

What should I include in my abstract?
Your abstract should be 250-300 words in length and summarize the key points of your research and what you plan to present. If you have further questions, feel free to contact hurs@uconn.edu.

Where do I submit my abstract?
You can submit your abstract via email @hurs@uconn.edu.

When is the deadline for submissions?
The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm. If there is a reason you are unable to submit by this deadline, please contact us at hurs@uconn.edu where brief extensions may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to have a major in the Humanities to submit?
No, you do not need to have a major, minor, or any official humanities designation to present at the symposium, so long as your work is within the field.

Does my research need to be complete to submit?
No, your research does not need to be complete to submit. We encourage works in progress, so long as your research completed thus far is cohesive and thorough enough to present on. If you have any concerns, contact hurs@uconn.edu, or directly submit your abstract for review and feedback.

Can I submit if I am on a campus located elsewhere than Storrs?
Yes, our symposium is for UConn undergraduates regardless of campus location. We encourage students from all campuses to participate and will have virtual presentation sessions to accommodate any students who are unable to make it to the physical location.

Can my research be from a project or paper I completed as coursework?
Yes, your research can be directly sourced from coursework. If you completed it with another student in that class, however, you should submit the abstract jointly.

Does my work have to fit into one of the themes of the symposium?
No, your work does not need to fit into a theme of the symposium. While the themes are broad and most humanities research will find a home within one of them, you may designate “Other” when submitting your abstract if you feel your work does not.

I’ve submitted my abstract, when will I hear if I’ve been selected?
Thank you for your submission! We look forward to reading about your work! You will hear back from hurs@uconn.edu regarding your selection status by March 10th.

If I have questions about preparing my abstract or on presenting, who do I contact?
All questions may be emailed to hurs@uconn.edu.

I am interested in being a moderator, what are my next steps?
Thank you for your interest! Moderators should send an email to hurs@uconn.edu with the subject line: [FULL NAME]: INTERESTED IN MODERATING, and we will follow up with more information and instructions by March 10th.

I am interested in attending the symposium, but I have no research experience. How can I participate?
Participation is encouraged for all students regardless of research experience. You may attend all events, including student presentations, information sessions regarding resources for humanities research at UConn and continuing an academic career in the humanities, and the keynote address. We expect that the information sessions and keynote speech will be of particular interest to students without research experience.

Will I be presenting in a panel or a roundtable?
Depending on the nature of your research and its stage of development, you might be selected to present in a panel or a roundtable format. Your mode of presentation will be included in the email regarding your selection status sent by March 10th.

What is a panel discussion?
A panel discussion involves a group of people presenting on similar topics/themes. Each student panelist will have roughly ten minutes to present their research and additional time to ask other panelists questions or answer questions directed towards them. Students with group research may submit themselves for one panel.

What is a roundtable discussion?
A roundtable is an exciting event that allows an individual to share their research more informally. After giving a two minute summary of their work and conclusions, each student will engage in dialogue that is responsive to the other members of the roundtable and the audience. Roundtables value the posing of questions rather than only providing answers and are themselves a “research” experience in that students will advance ideas through collaboration with others.

I need accommodations to attend this symposium, how can I request them?
You may make a request for accommodations through an email to hurs@uconn.edu with the subject line: REQUEST FOR ACCOMMODATIONS.

Do I need to attend or present in person if I am unable to be at Storrs campus on March 29, 2024?
If you are a student located at a campus other than Storrs or are otherwise unable to be present at Storrs on March 29, 2024, you do not need to attend the event in person. While we welcome you to join us in person, you may join virtually. There will be a livestream of the event for student participants across all campuses.

Can I only attend part of the symposium?
While we encourage students to attend the full duration of the event, you are welcome to attend only what interests and pertains to you.

What is the schedule for the event?
The schedule will be announced to presenters, on the website, and via social media on March 15th, 2023.

Will refreshments be served?
Yes, refreshments will be served in the form of breakfast at the start of the day, a lunch after the first panel discussion, and a reception following the final event. All will be served in the Humanities Institute located on the fourth floor of the library.